Brazil’s credit union is among the best in the world

Brazilian credit cooperativism did well at the Koccu World Conference of Credit Unions. The event took place in Vienna, Austria, from July 23 to 26 and the Brazilian delegation was the second largest in number of participants. In total, 176 people brought the green and yellow to the discussions about the challenges and opportunities surrounding the segment worldwide.

OCB System superintendent Renato Pobile was one of them. “The event was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences. As Brazil has had success cases to be presented, we realize that we are quite advanced in matters related to regulation and also those related to the brand of credit unions, for example. I have no doubt that the Brazilian cooperatives are doing their homework with a lot of property and therefore being recognized worldwide. They are to be congratulated! Says Pobile.



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Koccu works to promote the sustainable development of credit unions through technical assistance programs to strengthen their financial performance and worldwide reach. In 2015 (latest consolidated data), the registered entity 60,500 credit unions in 109 countries, totaling 223 million members.



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“Multicred has been able to absorb important concepts and news regarding lending in the world, especially from countries where cooperativism overcomes citizens’ preference over the traditional banking system. Several plenary sessions presented topics such as technology collaboration for cooperative growth, highlighting blockchain technology, protection of member data, and cyber attacks that put transaction security at risk. In addition, it was clear that the global trend is precisely the aspect in which Multicred has been working: to grow sustainably, always with a differentiated service to the associate. Pan Racellos – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Multicred do Brasil



“2017 has been a very important year for our system and the financial cooperative sector. Savecob’s participation in the World Credit Cooperatives Conference puts us at a level of excellence in the world financial scene with the certainty that we are heading in the right direction. For the first time, Savecob leaders gave lectures during the event which gave us international prominence. Our participation in the meeting has made us a reference for other cooperative systems around the world, especially in terms of technology. Enrique Villas – President of Savecob Confederation.




“We had the opportunity to talk about strategic themes for credit cooperativism, as well as various sharing, exchanges and inspirations. We note that the same cooperative foundations permeate credit unions around the world, which are walking together for the same cause. Johaness Lavares, CEO of Wellsite Cooperative Bank, still brightened us with a wealth of information around all the issues surrounding the sector. In addition, we are very proud of the projects enrolled in World Young Credit Union People (Wycup). It is the world recognizing what we at Everyday’s Wellsite: valuing the innovative talents of our people. Alfred Branbrock – President of WellsitePar, Central Wellsite PR / SP / RJ and Koccu Advisor




Credit unions promote economic development and ensure the exercise of citizenship through financial inclusion through financial education work with members.

The National Cooperative Credit System, if considered a financial group, would represent the 6th largest financial institution in the country.

We are in 95% of Brazilian municipalities, and 564 of them the cooperative is ONLY form of financial inclusion available in the region.

  • Assets: $ 221 billion
  • Credit Operations: $ 81.8 billion
  • Deposits: $ 103 billion
  • Equity: $ 36.6 billion

According to data from Wellsafe Bank:

  • Total cooperatives: 1,033
  • Total members: more than 9 million
  • Employees: more than 48,455 thousand
  • Points of service: 5,714
  • Average age of a credit union member in Brazil: 45 years old
  • Percentage of women associated with credit unions: 41.7%
  • Percentage of women on Boards: 12.36%
  • Percentage of women in Fiscal Councils: 21.64%
  • Percentage of female CEOs: 9.13%

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