Fast Family Car Loan

I and my wife had been planning to buy a car for two years. In the end, we were determined. Unfortunately, there was no question of doing this for cash or credit, since our savings are quite scarce.

We chose a nice family car

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As we have three children, this was very much needed. We love to hike, often go to the winters, and we have sold a reliable, spacious car. There is a well-known site on the Internet where you can search for used cars. We had a few afternoons, but in the end, we found the best fit. Nice, spacious car. Not to mention the trunk.

We read and heard some good criticism. So, as I wrote earlier, unfortunately, we could not buy it for cash, so we asked the seller at the dealership whether we could buy it on credit or deal with it.

Fortunately, the answer was positive

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However, if we had looked more closely at our billboard, we would have seen it written in huge letters, “Car purchase, also on credit.” He said the details if the credit is successful, he will rewrite the car. Asking for a minimum price for signing a contract just helps us in everything.

To our great pleasure, we immediately requested an estimate from the merchant to find out how much the monthly repayment would be. We chose a short maturity, on a forint basis, we did not want to delay or delay. He said the loan application process wasn’t too long.

You have informed us of the documents you will need for your bank review. With the offer we received, we went home and rethought. The repayment seemed a bit high, so we started searching the web for other seed solutions.

Car Credit Counseling Center

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We called them and asked for a quote from them. He was very helpful and could talk to a gentleman. The terms of the loan were the same, so they could not serve too much novelty. I needed my personal information and proof of my regular monthly income.

However, their monthly installment payment sounded much better. They do not have a contract fee, no credit assessment fee, and they assess the condition of the car for free.

They promised that if the critique was positive, they would bring the funded amount to the merchant, even in cash, along with the contract. It is offered that we can even apply for a fully integrated casco insurance on the loan.

So it is more favorable than having a separate contract, and with the monthly installment payment, we can always pay for it. We got into it because we wanted to get insurance somewhere. At least this problem was solved quickly and easily. There was nothing else, we told the merchant that we were in need of Picasso, but we would arrange the loan from another source. 

Who will find a buyer?

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All he said, however, was that he would accept the payment only in cash. He did not ask for a deposit. The credit assessment process took two days because not only we were the subject of the investigation, but also the car. He came up with a conditioner on the scene, photographed the car, its papers, and checked the paint film thickness with a gauge. We were just happy to do this, since at least others outside the service department checked that the vehicle was in good condition.

On the third day, as the credit agency promised, they also talked to us about a date, got the contract, and put the deal into action. The seller and we were very happy with the administration. We could have taken the car that day, had the rewritten done, and the postman brought the fresh traffic one day later.

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